Friday, October 16, 2009


Here's some fun hills we saw from the park, that people do a lot of dirt bike riding on.
The next morning we went to a park near their home so the boys could play on their scooters, play with a soccer ball & also on the playground equipment. I got lots of video clips that I will post below, but not any good snapshots. Carl also played some football with his buddies. Here's Jay & Chantel watching the boys. Chantel is due any day with her 3rd boy. We saw some rabbits & a squirrel around their home place. Carl went with Jay & I to Coriann's game at 2:00 p.m., which was a sad ugly loss. We got some little Ceasar's pizza & came back & watched more basketball. After church the next morning, Jay & I caught our plane back to Salt Lake. We got to the house in Orem around 9 p.m., after a delayed flight & a bumpy ride, because of snow.

        Some fun ocean pictures of the Carl Moody family.
Jay & I flew on Jet Blue to San Diego, found a place to get some books for the boys & met Carl, Chantel, Crew, & Jax at Applebee's for dinner. After coming back to their cozy, sort of in the country home, on the outskirts of Temecula, we talked until about 11:30 p.m.

Carl playing football with the guys.
Crew & Jax playing on their scooters at the park.
Crew on the twirly bars.
Jay pushing the boys on the swings.
Jay tickling Jax.


   We always have a great time visiting with Aunt Pearl & listening to all of her fun stories about her life and family, including my Dad, Ray, who is her brother.
A picture on Aunt Pearl's spare bedroom wall of my grandmother, Juditha (Maud) Mangus Moody, my grandfather, John Franklin Moody Jr. & my step grandmother, Mary Soyars Moody.
Aunt Pearl & her husband, Evan Asay (Uncle Tom)who passed away several years ago. Her daughter, Kathy, & her sons, Charles & Jay Hampton.
Coriann grabbing the rebound. She played 25 min. & had 7 rebounds, 2 assists & 2 blocks. We drove the 2 1/2- 3 hrs. back to St. George & spent the night at Aunt Pearl's home.
         Janece & Scott at the BYU vs. UNLV game. Before the game we took Scott to dinner & had a good visit before the game started at 7:00.
                           Jay, Janece, & Aunt Pearl.
Janece, my nephew, Scott Moody, & Aunt Pearl Asay, at her home in St. George. Jay & I drove down from Provo that afternoon about 3 1/2 hrs. I think.  

BYU WOMEN LOSE A CLOSE GAME WITH #25 ranked NEW MEXICO- 57-61 (Jan. 17, 2009)

 Coriann & Shawnee going for the rebound.  Coriann played 14 min. had 3 pts., 2 rebounds & 1 assist. Lots of Coriann's friends from home attending BYU-I came to watch her game. The family all went to Jason's Deli (one of our favorites) to eat after the game & then Coriann, Janica & Seth came to watch some more basketball on TV at my brother's home, where Jay & I stay.
                 Cosmo entertaining the crowd on his stilts.
     Coriann going up for a shot in the game with New Mexico.
 Jayce also supporting Coriann at her game. My little grandsons are loads of fun!
             Michael supporting Coriann at her game in Provo.

Friday, September 11, 2009


These next two shots are ariel views as we are leaving the airport & flying over Dallas.
Here we are ready to leave on Southwest airlines from the Dallas/Fort Worth airport back to Salt Lake City. We enjoyed our quick visit to Texas & hope to come again & maybe stay a little longer. Blair says the people in Texas are great...lots of southern hospitality, good morals & conversative values. Parents here really do want what is best for their kids.
On Jan. 14th as we were leaving for the airport, I got a picture of the Dallas Cowboys arena. I believe they are in the process of building a new one.
This plaque was put in the spot next to the road where the assissination took place, to designate it as a National Historic Landmark at Dealey Plaza.
Next Blair took us to where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated here in Dallas in 1963. I remember that day very well. I was in the 3rd grade in Mrs. Johnson's class & out for lunch recess on the playground in Lovell, WYO. Some girls came out yelling, Yeh, the President's been shot! I thought to myself, "What President?" After going back to class, the principal announced the news & our teacher started crying & school was let out for the rest of the day. Then we watched the replay of the event on TV, over & over for days, it seemed. Lee Harvey Oswald was in the upper corner room of this Library with his shotgun & shot Pres. Kennedy from behind as he came around this corner riding in a convertible with his wife, Jackie, at his side, ready to go under an underpass. Oswald was later shot by                      as he was being taken into jail.
There were some amazing bronze horse statues all over the courtyard of these buildings.
This is the area in Dallas in which Blair has his accounting firm. He has some wealthy oil barons as some of his clients, so he has been doing quite well over the years. This year has been of big concern though, with the recession & problems in the oil industry.
Janece & Jay Wood, & Blair Dance trying to carry on a conversation amidst all the loud excitement of the team.
In the left of this picture is Jay Monson, who is the sports commentator for the BYU games on BYU radio. More teammates & Coach Jonas Chatterton at the last table.
Some of the coaches (Dan Nelson, Stacy Jensen, Head Coach Jeff Judkins & little Dan, the media guy, Ali Bills with her back turned & finger pointing & other team members waiting for their food.
After the game, we went to IHOP to celebrate. The girls were quite hyper & loud, but I suppose they have a right to be when they came from a big win vs. TCU. Pictured from left to right are Dani, Haley, Jenteel, Keilani, Kristin, & Coriann.
Coriann waiting for a pass to come from Shawnee in the far right of the picture, just past the view of the referee. BYU beat TCU 62-46, & this was BYU's 10th straight win! Coriann played 21 min., had 3 points, 4 rebounds, an assist & a steal. A couple of video clips are at the bottom of this post.
     Here's Blair & Jay walking to the TCU basketball coliseum.
A partial representation of the old southern looking colonial style homes.
There were some really neat monuments made to represent the day of the big cattle drives.
Billy Bob's Saloon or bar is supposed to be the biggest in the world, I believe. It's quite a place if you're into that type of lifestyle.

        Some of the old cattle stockyard buildings & corrals.

They had some of the big old cattle driving stockyards turned into tourist areas for shopping & dining.
           This is an entrance to a huge rodeo grounds area.
This is supposed to be quite a good Mexican restaurant here.
Here's driving down one of the cobblestone streets with a lot of the old buildings.
This is Jay's & my first time to set foot on Texas soil. We have flown into airports before, but that's it. Here we are in old town Fort worth. It's full of cowboys with big hats, guns, the whole nine yards. I was trying to get pictures as we were driving, hence the blurriness. Jay's good friend, Blair Dance, originally from Blackfoot, ID, where he was good friends with Jay, & then also in college, came & picked us up at our motel in his BMW & showed us around a little,before we headed to the game at TCU.

         Coriann making a foul shot vs. TCU.


                            Seth shooting up a foul shot.
Seth has the ball trying to go up for a shot. This game is being played at Provo high school.
Here's their bedroom with the temple quilt I made them for their wedding on the bed, which was an air mattress for a couple of months until they got a real bed. 
Here's their Ellsworth sign (that I made them for Christmas), which has Established in 2008 in tan over the Ellsworth. They wanted to put 'population 2' on it, but we couldn't figure out how to make it look right.
Another view of their living room. They later got a black couch to replace this one that wasn't very comfortable.
Jay is relaxing on a huge BYU pillow in their living room area, waiting for dinner. They have fixed up their tiny apt. really cute, I think.
Janica is making a wonderful chicken pasta type dish for us for dinner.
Here are Seth & Janica in their first married apt. in Provo, UT. This is part of the kitchen area, & Seth's office where he has a desk & computer to the left of where he is sitting.
A quick video clip of Seth making a foul shot.